Home Education Support on the Isle of Wight

bubbles.jpgThe Isle of Wight Learning Zone is a network of Home Educating Families across the Isle of Wight (and a few further afield!) who have come together to share experiences, and to help each other through the minefield and joys that home educating can bring!

Today the IWLZ has upwards of 60 member families most of whom organise and participate in a diverse range of activities to enrich their family's educational experiences.

We welcome members from all walks of life, and all ages and stages, whether you are lifelong home educators, or, are coming at home ed as a whole new concept because school just isn't catering for your child's individual needs.

The Isle of Wight Learning Zone is not a "providing" organisation, but rather a "facilitating" one.  The Zone provides a network to connect families together to help them share experiences, activities, events and friendship.

wheee.jpgFamiies in the zone take a wide variety of approaches to education - one size really doesn't fit all!  Some take a more formal approach for at least part of the time, while others focus more on learning through everyday activities.  Whatever the approach, there is lots of opportunity for fun along the way.

Around the site you will find information on what we do, the legal position in England regarding home education and some useful links if you want to explore home education further.

We use the term home education on the site, though sometimes you will hear it referred to by other names, such as home schooling or education otherwise than at school. 

So if you're thinking about taking the plunge, already home educating and looking to link up with others, considering relocating to the Isle of Wight or are just interested in what we get up to, welcome and enjoy your time on the site.